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Høyanger is located near the west coast of Norway on Sogn Fjord, which is the world’s longest fjord. Surrounded by mountains, the idyllic setting of the school provides a dramatic and impressionable setting for students to be inspired. Approximately 3 hours by car from the second largest city of Norway, Bergen, Høyanger offers a safe and nurturing environment for students of all ages.

The Local Community

A part of the Sogn and Fjordane District, Høyanger has a population of 2700 people and over 4500 within the county. Due to the Gulf Stream, which runs along the Norwegian coastline, the climate is relatively mild in relationship to its northerly location of 62 degrees latitude. Rainfall is a common part of life within the western region of Norway; however, this also provides its inhabitants with lush vegetation, excellent farming, and fantastic winter sport possibilities. The local mountains rise to 1000 meters directly out of the fjord, where Høyanger is located.

Originally a farming community, Høyanger first blossomed at the turn of the century due to a hydro-electrical plant, which began to utilize the vast quantity of water supply located within this district. Modern facilities and production in this town provide workplace for a broad community of international citizens.

Due to its coastal location, the town is surrounded by excellent fishing and outdoor activities. A salmon river runs through town and the coastline provides sailing, fishing and sports activities. Located only 9 minutes from downtown Høyanger, an alpine ski resort and cross country track provide students with an easy escape to an outdoor environment.

The School

Høyanger VGS has 42 teachers and approximately 200 students, with ages ranging from 16 to 19. Specialized branches of study include:

  • General Studies
  • Art and Design
  • Health and Social Studies
  • Electrical Studies
  • Mechanical and Industrial Production

Renovated in 2006, the modern facilities of Høyanger VGS allow for integration of internet and modern teaching techniques. Multiple computer facilities as well as a multimedia auditorium provide interactive opportunities for teachers and students. Centrally located in the city of Høyanger, the school has additional access to a large number of athletic facilities. In addition to the close proximity to the mountains and coastline surrounding the town, a large indoor and outdoor swimming pool was completed in 2007 located only 100 meters from the school.

Høyanger sommer
Høyanger in the summer
Skrivarvenleg side

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